Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

fEws reCeNt mEmoRieS..=p

Assalamualaikum n hello fellas... tell , i would Love to tAke piCtuRes of ME myself..cuz i think ,by doing so we get a chance to 'Capture' or make it sumthg that we could see or touch ,or even sumthg dat make us remember bout the moment.. isnt it?
but... am d one whose gonna take the pictures as usuall...arghh!! but nevertheless ,am proud on things dat i've captured.. is gonna be sumthg precious for me , and for u too i guess (in case u love to shoot pictures like me) ahaks!

here .. r few recents mEmoRies of me...for myself!!! ahahaha~.. but if u guys wanna see it urself.. XD

mMm..what ae tAsty swEets.. =p

maLaYsian's suBgroUp oN theRaphy cYcle..

frEe aCts!!

meMoriEs frOm diNner wiF Malaysian Ambassador to Ukraine
aNd his faMily...+ fEw maLaYsiaN stuDents

ehEm2..duN geT me wRong.. B>
she's my beloved pRofeSsor Miss Natalia

Y aM i puTtin' thEse..? well.. am tryin' to have ae break from a very tiring moments.. from school, hoSpitaLs , woRks , stUdies , pEople.. thiNgy..
u should try too.. so have a moments , i mean spend a moments for family , and u urself..ok?

well..take care then..wish ya have great days , moments , times , n wutever it might be..

p/s:memories is an utmost precious things in our life..

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

eherm hot nye prof. mesti score paper die.. :p

salihin berkata...

takde bilenye...

monteng byk la..=p

Ahmad Zulfadhli berkata...

hobi saudara mengambi gambar yer.. boleh buat duet 2.. cubelah ambil tempahan.. :D

salihin berkata...

Encik Zul berminat??

kiyo berkata...

Salam n morning...hehe...Cbe tgk 3rd pic. Ape pesen bergambar bersila kt tgh tu sorang-sorang.hehkehke...

faRhaNA sHaFIe berkata...

sile masukkan aku dlm list blogger ko...sbb aku dah masukkan blog ko dlm list aku..ehehe