Isnin, 28 Disember 2009


happiness .. hmm.. quite a big scope to talk about...

wut wud u think bout...?
got any thought...

despite evrythg happened in our life..we've tried to find happiness,by hook or by crook..

sum of 'em successed..
sum of 'em failed...
sum of 'em give up..
sum of 'em not..

for me..
i start wif simple thg..

hAPpiNess iS sTate of miNd..n Like alL taKes pRacTice..

deVote 5 miNuteSa dAy to sMiLing...

juSt sMiling...






aNd afTer a wHile...

iT aLL coMes naturaLLy...

happy tryin'..

Rabu, 23 Disember 2009

a thought..

23.04 ..still tryin to hold on on both already red,watery, and tired eyes...
sigh.. its been a while leaving the place in which i could write freely.. express evrythg..

quite ae tiring days..probably , definitely tiring month i guessed..

hard , tough days...






suddenly occured in my heads...

a thought passing by...

"again..its winter!! snows , snow man , polar bear ahaks! , cold..... and.....

i am ae weatherhold bachelor...

24 of age...

cant get along with women...

n shud be gay..."

laughing my ass out...... wut a looser..

hmmm..its just a thought..

n FYI.. am not gay..

need to sleep..

gudnite evrybody..

gudnite world..

wish ya'all d best in life..

Rabu, 25 November 2009

live like am dying...

One of these days you’ll be
under the covers you’ll be
under the table and you’ll realize
all of your days are numbered;
all of them one to one hundred.
All of them millions.
All of them trillions.
So what are you gonna do with them all?
You can not trade them in for mall.
no no

Take every moment; you know that you own them.
It’s all you can do, use what’s been given to you.

Give me a reason
to fight the feeling
that there’s nothing here for me.
Cause none of its easy,
I know it wasn’t meant to be.
I know it’s all up to me ......
So what am I gonna do with my time?

Ill take every moment, I know that I own them.
It’s all up to you to do whatever you choose.

Live like you’re dying and never stop trying.
It’s all you can do, use what’s been given to you.

All of the moments you didn’t notice;
gone in the blink of an eye.
All of the feelings you couldn’t feel
no matter how you try....

Khamis, 15 Oktober 2009

ore piya...



dunno wut to write actually..

just let these fingers move...writing...

beginning to even realize wuts d real meaning of life..

utk segalanya..
i couldnt ask for more...

ibu..aba..missed u two so much.. syukur sgt dapt ibu yg sgt2 sporting..yg sgt memahami bocah kecil ini..
i luv mom..
pop..huu takut nak ngadu..but thanx aba..atas segala pengorbanan yg tidak sikit pun pernah ku dgr keluhan mu..
timekaseh ba..
my beloved sisters..thanx for all d supports..cuz tak pernah tggalkan adekmu yg selalu suke mengadu domba ini..
wish i could hug all of ya together..
i missed all of ya so much..

2morwow will be d last cycle for paediatric gynaecology..
shud be..a test.. for d the credits...
but still..
lost...aint got enuf strength to open the book,
but i will..

tryin' to pull the pull evry single energy..dt i got left..

take care guys..
ingat selalu kat DIA..
semoga hidupmu diberkati..

Rabu, 14 Oktober 2009





nan te ne.....

ma..shika tana iyo...

shitonoko kokorowa doetemu howakashinai...


p/s:do luv people dat u thought so dear to u hmm..? dun waste a seconds.. =)

Isnin, 14 September 2009

nak tau tak? how malay language sounds to others..

korg chat? kalu chat,Alhamdulillah... pose tak?,pose la ye... rugi tau kalu tak..
hmm.. Alhamdulillah Allah kasi mood yg baik kat kite.. the story is,today i went to masjid area sini,bkak pose la dgn org russian nie,org china,pakistan,uzbekistan, pakistan, etc.. seronok, makan nasi minyak, daging yg rase cam asam pedas,salad, n coke...bual2 ngan diorg...

n come to best part...
trdgr la bunyi2 dirg bercakap kan...
sorg tu org Uighur..sounds like chinese but,not ae regular chinese...
so,macam tergelak la bunyi dirg cakap an..? i told my fren,"hmm.. they soundds like retard people when they talk..."hehehe...jahat kan..but i didnt mean it... its joke...

pastu,arabian lak..
"ohh no wonder they angry,they vomiting at each other when they talk.."
wakakaka..but the fact is,arab is d beautiful language... ye la,bahase Quran kan..

ahaa....comes to malay part...
"guys,y ur language sounds like u r singing..?
adooooi....kelakaw tul...ade diorg cakap kite nie macam org nyanyi bile cakap...
thi hehehee..

so cam tu la..adat merantau to c,listen diff thgs...

hey...k la guys..gtg,nak terawikh cabut awal,tak semayg masjid pun,lepas buke terus lari..teruk kan..? bukan pe,jauh masjid tu, kalu trawikh kat sane balek malam sgt, n quit dangerous kat sini,kalu malam2...robbers n etc..

so selamat bpuase..carilah kasih n rahmatNYA yg terbuke luas dibulan yg mulia nie..
sama samalah kite berusaha..

Selasa, 8 September 2009

da balek ukraine...

kite da balek sini dah...hehe.hope u guys sehat. hmm nampak kat shout out tu ade org org pissed off,maaf.jgnla mara..cume am just malas nak update blog nie,eventhough bayk bende yg nak cerite.. guess i keep it myself je la kot...

school have started,hospital thingy n evrythg.hui,memang menduge kesabaran org yg berpuase n juge org yg baru balek dari kg halaman.rase macam taknak balek sini jew..but,nak buat cane, like mom said.."ein dah pilih jalan nie kan..sabarla..habiskan jew..I'Allah..semuenye elok nanti.."
missed my mom, pap n all of d family already...Arghh..feel i wanna cry...isk2.. tak kesah la korg nak cakap ape. Yup,am man enuf to admit am dat kinda person..
bukak pose kat umah,pi baza ramadhan,"tolong ibu masak" kononnye..kat dapur tu,naik moto ngan abah pi masjid,smayg trawikh,jadi tukang kebun ibu,jadi baby sitter tuk akak,jd driver hantar n jemput balik anak sdare balik skwel,bwk diorg pi trawikh,teman diorg main counter strike kat cc,Ya Allah byk lagi..thank u Allah..for the awesome life u gave me,in which after math,still..i cant repay U Allah..timekasih byk2...

arini menjadi gatal,bukan menggatal "tu" eh..cume gatal nak bkak pose ngan menu yg mengarut2.So i end up making pizza..huh letak byk gilew cheese,sampai rase macm ade blockade kat coronary artery.bolela..tak sesedap mane pun..tapi jadi.nyehehe...sahur pun dgn pizza tu jgak la gamaknye,cuz malas nak masak nasi,..

k la,i guess enuf for to dear readers,manfaatkanlah bulan ramadhan nie..especially korg tu duk mesia,lots n lots of thgs u can do,eat,n evrythg..yg lame tak balik kg tu,balik la jenguk2 orang tua.. jgn buat diorg rindu sgt2.. sian,cuz we dunno, how much time we got or how much time they got left.. sygla kdua org tua mu ye... Am not trying to preach,but 1 thg i relly know dat, hidup nie biarlah kite penuh dgn kredhaan..1stly from Him..n then comes ur mom n ur dad...kedua nye tu.. I"Allah,if u hold dat in ur hand, ur life will be full of bless..

arios..assalamualaikum..pose ye..jgn tak pose..ehik2..

Jumaat, 31 Julai 2009

am in malaysia!!

hello fellas..
soryy dor updatin' my blog..n for u guys pun dah malas nak jenguk...sebulan dah kat sini..tapi rase cam sedih cuz tak lame lagi dah nak fly balik...sorryla.. xda connection kat pun gi cc,malas sebenanye...tapi terpakse..ahaks!!
lots of thgs to cerite but less time to do so.. So,wutever ur doin'..enjoylah...anythg u wanna tell or give an announcement,mail me,or leave it at shout box aite?!

will be seeing u guys when i got real connection of internet in ukraine aite?..means dat another half of month la...ahahaha.. akhir kate,ape2 u buat ingat yg Maha Esa..


Ahad, 14 Jun 2009

i'm alive


hi bloggers,its been a while i didnt see u guys gurls plus even my blog also..hmm,lots of thgs to share wif actually,but its just the lazy-ness of the fingers to write it on this virtual page. Meanwhile i do bz wif the Theraphy Cycle in which i got to fulfill the practicle hours as ae credit for me to sit for the final exam on 24th..Its quite intersting actually,cuz Alhamdulillah i got ae great supervisor

Dr Oksana:ae woman,not sure if she's married or not,who also ae very naughty cuz she's always made me n another of my friend brain storming to find answers for her killing questions in which at last she laughing her ass out on d base of "me,answering the question like ae retard..yela tergagap gagap.."

Dr Elena,she's an old lady married,very loving character,soft,and kind..reminds me to my mom.ohhh..couldnt wait to c ya mom.unlike Oksana,she is more lecturing kind,explaining thgs,n put sum few UNKILLing question for us...she always smile..n..very tender to patient...

Dr Aleksei,a guy,not married tapi by bulu dada..i thin it was all over his body..arghh!! nightmare..but,instead,he is ae great doctor, just 1 funny thg bout him,ok i give u the picture,imagine u looking at 1 macho guy,bold hair,kinda look like mafia or gengsters,wut do u feel? takot kan?...arrive to the moment when he start to open his mouth and talk to u...
"wh wh where r rr are u from?" HE is GAGAP..pergh wut ae joke!!! i laughed like hell after finishing the duty...lawak gilew doc nie..penat gelak...

well,those 3 la yg supervised us...

wut else aite? seems like laziness did slow n kill my ideas...anyway,anyhow n by all means, hope u guys r in the top of ur condition,n happiness,plus always remember n thankful to HIM for life dat HE gave..

if u find urself feel a litel bit unhappy bout how d world is turnin',just keep in mind that,there are other more people which are more unfortunate,unhappy than ,stay alive!!,it is so called test in life...n do urself a favour,do pray,for guidance,for protection,for success,for humbleness n strength...I'Allah...

gtg,sleep...gotta duty 2morow..wif Oksana...n to present the report of duty...


gudnite to me...kroh kroh kroh....=p

Ahad, 10 Mei 2009

hepi mother's day


have u wish ur mom yet?? well if not..better do it now...hehe.Happy mother's day to all mom n those who r goin to be a mom.. 

for my mom,hjh Aminah bte Kassan,hepi mother's day to u mom..for the greatest luv,undying patients on this litel rascal..ehehe.wish i cud be there sit beside ya, make ya choc cake (which is my only cake dat cud bake),kiss ya,n wish ya...isk2..nak nanes... lmao.
mom,wish d happiness shines upon ya, dpanjgkn umur dlm keimanan,d murahkan rezki yg halal n melimpah ruah,byk dapat cucu lagi,n sehat2 selalu...tunggu in balek ye..missed u mom!!

hepi mother's day!

Jumaat, 24 April 2009



hallo hallo hallo..kopi kew milow..*a kinda cute line which came from one of my fren....sow.,i've just finished my Surgery exam..guess wut's d result..??? Alhamdulllah..

i've passed!!!!!!!!!!!!! n of course..not wif flying colours..ahaks!!!

tu la..mam always said.."belaja belaja belaja..jgn berfoyer foyer..." belaja...

tapi syukur sgt,cuz i passed..

Y only passed?? not wif flyin colors??-----cuz i didnt well prepared..?lots of thgs happened,i couldnt concentrate..fuh!! jujurnye...

Y u didnt well prepared??-----cuz malas..weh..dah jawabla kat atas tu tadi...nyeheheheee

Y u sgt malas??---------cuz feel like nak balik mesia sangat!!!! 

y u nak balek mesia??------------sebab windu kat ibu abah,family,fwens(4 those yg did remembered me,4 those who not,its ok..),then,hmmm haaa!!!nak sambut bkak pose kat mesia(its been 4 years ma..),dan macam2 lagi..;p

ockay..enuf questionin' urself salihin...

movin',i've started new cycle..ophthalmology

Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine which deals with the diseases and surgery of the visual pathways, including the eyebrain, and areas surrounding the eye, such as the lacrimal system and eyelids. By convention the term ophthalmologist is more restricted and implies a medically trained surgical specialist. Since ophthalmologists perform operations on eyes, they are generally categorized assurgeons.

sronok belaja...great teachers,got to see patients yg cute2..especiallly dak kecit umur 2-3 years, plus perjalanan yg jauh nak ke hospital, in which pagi2 kene kua,amek bas, dalam bas ble tido atau,main psp,listen to music,just to kill the time,or enjoy watching people's nye reactions in daily life..then last station,turun, n take the tram...sampaila depan hospital...5 days cycle,wif differential test,yg markahnye akan diletakkan didalam report card...hmm memg kene belaja..

sedar tak sedar dah weken kan..? cepat mase berlalu..its great u knw,cuz am dyin' to go back,nak makan macam2..nasik lemak,roti canai,nasik briyani,cendol,ayam tandoori,kuih muih, n macam2..byk sgt.list dah wat dah..t la i write it when i get a chance..hmm?

well gotta go,have a great weken aite..?wish ya d best in evrythg..!! ;p


Isnin, 13 April 2009

gunting rambut sendri...ehehe.XD


hadir nye ku disini,ingin mencoret kisah hidup ku yg ku rase best niey...ahaks! fuh poyo giler ayat.hmm..arini byk keje sebenanye..nak kene tgk soklan nak exam,in which just around d corner..tgk je...tapi kalu tak study tak gune gak kan? next week meh! mati den! lmao.tomorow kene gi hospital in d middle of odessa city lak,kene wat journal for full week..hmm..kene cakap russian..waa!!!,cuz my russian's language already berkarat..kalah karat kat paip bilik air tue..nyehehe..
neway,gotta do wut we have to rite? 

wanna knoe sumthg..? kinda hillarious..n kureng asam skit.. thanx to my classmates.. i will not forget guys..siap aa korang.. the story is.. my hair is getting increasing in length.. so i intend to cut it off,then tibe2,..lots plak mulut2 yg mengutuk my hair... siap kutuk macam WOLVURINE!!
waa.. ini sudah lebey...kureng tul! yela2 wutever makes u guys happy aite?
back at home, i mean just now, i took a bold action to cut my own hair...using the cutting machine.. n i end up looks like keanu reeves ..ahahahaha lmao! pergh bajet.. neway the result is great,kinda kemas la..takde macam wolverine lagi.. hencem meh!!

sow,moral for today,dunnot afraid to try sumthg new.. or do sumthg awesome like me,but.. make sure u study the risk well enuf..cuz u dun wanna end up get urself killed,or look stupid..ehehe..

p/s:kids..plz dun do this at home..cuz this action was done only by highly professional person,which it was me ;p,n plz dunnot escape skwel n dont do drugs!! (ekikiki,takde kene mengene)


Sabtu, 11 April 2009


Assalamualaikum Fellas...

wish  all of ya are on the top of ya condition...hmm..? huh,lame gak dah tak writing nie,feel kekok lak lmao.Hmm..talking bout saturday,am sure all of ya kinda excited, yela kan? saturday la nak kua ngan bf ke gf ke,family,frens,and sort of... its good actually.. cuz for those who get the chance cuti,got to spend time wif their beloved ones aite? n..not forgetting for those yg menjadi TUA jgak..ahaks! yela..i mean pd mereka yg menyambut burfday diorg today.. Hepi burfday! semoge bertambah iman n taqwa,get wut u want in this world ..hmm?

bout me on saturday...its been great.but not as faster as the other day..Alhamdulillah,Cuz i still gotta to see this day,live the life.kelas takde, dun have to go to hospital...hmm.dapt relax kat umah..Today,i've called mam, pap, sis n bro..i missed them so much!! recently,following d things dat happened, its a litel bit sad to tell,but.let us see or think bout it,..i mean by "how do u feel..." if..u lost sumone dat very dear to u... It's must've been hurt..rite..? guess.. dats wut i felt..infact, my family too..we've lost mak long sebelah mam,n paklong sebelah abah..nevertheless,it's Allah's plan,He luv our pak long n maklong more than we luv 'em..  all that we can do is let it go n pray the best for both of them..its been two weeks already,but,still...i dunno wut to say..i missed 'em both.

n nowadays,i've started  to call mam n pap more often..cuz instead dat am missin' both of 'em too much, i  wanna keep 'em company,n I'allah avoiding them to feel  sad..on wut,at home sekarang ,there's only two of'em,cuz kakak already took the twins pasal dak kecit dua tu dah nak masuk diorg pun balik KL ikut mama diorg...mam  nangis2., abah plak control..buat tak tau..n try to pujuk mam yg sedey sgt tu..hmmm..Alhamdulillah,after few days mam bcame ockay..n she told me,"nak wat camne,akak kau nak amek..biala.."

cud u imagine when u r old like dat sumday....its just two of ya,n anak2 sume dah jauh2..
wut wud u it sound like this..

"its just the two of us day,there's gonna be one of us,n it is  unbearable prospect....n dats y we shud luv each other as hard as we can now..when we still have a chance..."

one way or another,people cant live alone..eventhough maybe u wud think dat, *a man live alone is the king of thoughts..but unfortunately he came to be small when there is a few comforts..rite?

if there's any bad thgs,or sumthg dat uneasy to "digest" happened to us,let us try to take it as one of te test from HIM,cuz He luv us,dats y HE did dat,..n if u still feel hard to take it,wut about u try to focus on small blessings..try to see n notice about it in ur life... It's not for me to tell ya..
but try,U'll see it..n I'Allah u'll appreciate n thankful to HIm... 

well...gotta stop now..but b4 dat,love ur parents matter far or near u r to them,just give 'em a call sumtime,show sum luv,say nice thgs,in which will make them happy.. its not hard isnt it?.. 

take care guys..u have a nice weken aite?


Jumaat, 20 Mac 2009

great friday..


sehat ker...? naah..I'Allah u guys,gurls in a great condition..k? sow..mcm biase,nak meluangkan mase menulis sejarah dri sendri yg sendri rase best giler..hehehe.perasan.. But for me, evryday shud be started with feeling yg.. hmm feling yg ceria la kan..? kan? yeah sure.. so, bangun pagi..bersiap gi actually..tapi ske pggil skola..dgn cycle baru..ONCOLOGY= study n practice bout precancer,benign n malignant cancer plus how to treat 'em..

tapi...when it comes to one part mase cikgu menerangkan,aku rase macam kene sepak kat kepala,kikikkiki..wanna know y...

"those smoker got 30% risk of getting cancer, for those who still didnt know bout it theres additional facts.. smoking of 1 cigarette will block ur mucous epithelial exchange for 15 d cancerogenous agent gonna destroy ur lung tissue,n bla2......"

adoooiyai....all of d students yg tak smokin'duk sibuk2 turn they eyes on me n two of my besfren smokin' partners...three of us..hmm ape lagi rase cam kene salib...hadoi2..

after the lecture..break 10 minutes.Then apelagi, tak tahan,3 musketeers of smokin' pun kluar class pi isap rokok kat luar hospital..

me: yo pratik..feel like am being crucified in the class man...

pratik prakakar (indian dr original india):i feel d same man...but,relax2..we still young..rite syimi?

syimi: no man..i wanna stop smokin'...this is my last.. (dgn tergelak..aku pun gelak same..pasal die cakp lagi aritu nak brenti,tapi x jgak..same cam aku..cakap kat ibu nak brenti..tapi still nyorok2 isap rokok)

pratik: wut? stop? u wanna live until 100 years...?

kitorg pecah gelak..but,dats the story of 3 persistent smoker yg belajar medic nak jadik doctor...

In d Evening plak lpas smayg,balik..siap2 masak nak buat doa selamat.My job are makin the soto ayam n buat begedil..cookin nye cookin,  Alhamdulillah menjadi..thanx to anak dare due org tu,irma n linda, menolong dapatla den siapkan makanan tu.
(maafla tak tunjuk gamba..malas nak amek n nak tunjuk..takut kaum pempuan buat tunjuk perasaaan lak nanti..cuz..lelaki dah ble wat keje diorg...LOL)

Bismillah...makan2 sampai tertonggeng tonggeng Alhamdulliah kekenyangan..pastu..hmm cbe teke..?......isap rokok la..hhehehe

here's d latest picture of us,malaysian yg tinggal belajar di Odessa State Medical university, Ukraine..this pic was captured hari terakhir  kami d kelas Orthopaedic

Berdiri dari kiri: yeop,aswad,irma,linda,d 3rd musketeers,fakhru
duduk:professor Serdyuk,ushop

wanna stop my writin' now..but b4 dat,i pray n hope dat all of ya will have a great time,happy n full of ya cherish in evryday of ur life aite..? I'allah..


Selasa, 17 Mac 2009

uiui jgn malas!!!

assalamualaikum cekgu!!!

eh takdelah..saje je,mane ade cekgu kat sini..huhuhu.Salam sejahtera kepade dri sendri,n sape2 saje yg willingly membace blog yg "LAME" ni.time kaseh..
agak terkejut dgn dri sendri,cuz dah lame meninggalkan blog terbiar,sampai cik puntianak pun berminat nak duk sini,tapi kite dah cakap dah..syoh2.. no vacancy!! pi main2 jauh2..ehehehe.

lots of things happened actually in d mean time..happy thgs,sad things..huge,even small thgs also..but its just am d 1 yg lazy bangat nak menulis..malas..malas..malas.. huish..ape nak jadi salihin nie.

there's 1 thg..kinda important.. i will clash wif my gurlfren..sedey sangat.. hubungan kami bru beberape bulan,dah nak berpisah...but,wut can i do.. i must let her go.. my beloved nikon D60..
i will sell her to my fren..cuz am plannin' to get another camera but still nikon,but i didnt decided which one still..terpakse kene jual awek ni..nak cari awek bru la katekan..LOL..

another...hmm,haa..rase rindu sgt nak balek mesia..nak jmpe ibu abah,sume family,anak sedare n frens yg sudi nak jmpe...oooh tidak,tak saba nye.tapi tiket tak book lagi.sebab tercari cari tiket yg murah,i mean the best price,plus different route plak,bukan thru turkey,or bangkok,or singapore,or uzbekistan. hope dat i can find one.. nak makan cendol,char kuey, nasik minyak, rendang,asam pedas ibu, nasi itik kak teh, plus.. nak sambut pose kat mesia!! yihuu!
*cam bdak kecit= kate2 yg selalu di lontarkan kak teh merangkap kakak kandungku bernombor 4,yg juge org yg bertggungjawb menjadikan teror membuat kek chokelet..
den tak peduli,kato la apo nak kato..

aaa..i'Allah,am gonna get  anak sedare kembar lagi..ehihihi..last time i called my sister yg nombr 3,she' said she's pregnant n size of her pregnancy is like the previous one..which is also kembar..pergh.gembire tak terkate. So i said to her,"wait up for me..bia in yg sambut.. then she said "huhu..not gonna happen..ude bersalin bulan 6,tgh bulan..ko sampai mesia awal bulan 7 kan..?
cheiees!! terlopas

neway guys...the point is..its good to have sumone around the place dat u can return to..
but sumtime people didnt realize wut did they said "i got no place to go.. Well,its not dat u r wrong but,let me say this one.."the place dat where people did remembered the place u need to go or return to.." hmm...?

byk plak den menulis niey..yelah,tgh rajin.. Bile malas..harapanlah jawabnye nak menulis..

well u guys have good day... luv people who did luv u back,start evryday wif prays,smile, confidence...but jgn over..cuz nanti org kate,for those yg tggal jauh ngan family..selalu2lah call diorg,be true to urself..,and berusaha menunaikan segale perintahNYA..tak dapt secare abruptly,kite wat perlahan2..janji istiqamah,n berusaha juge menjauhi all laranganNYE..hamba berkate pd dri hamba yg lemah terutamenye..dan juge kepade sedare seagame hamba yg disaygi...same2 kite berusaha yek..


Rabu, 18 Februari 2009

saye pun tak tau tajuk nie ape..ahaks!!


hallew fellas..wut's up...? hope u guys doin well aite..i just drop by to ngarut2 a litel bit..ehehe..sow,i got finished wt the exam..Syukur sgt lepas,Alhamdulillah..5 mind blowing situational tasks.syukurla,ape yg bace,Allah keluarkan kat situ.. then i called pop n my momma,spread d "passing of exam"..gembire sgt ibu n aba..nothing much more nice,even more happy than to hear their happy voices..bukan pe,am just a normal "kampong boy"..pop just ae ordinary kg oldman, monin' go to kebun yg sekangkang kera,then got back home for zuhur,then again went back to kebun doin d kebun thg..evry single day..
turn to ibu,just regular housewife,yg sibuk dgn cucu twins sebagai teman mereka berdua when am not in m'sia..syukurlah my sis willingly to pinjamkan anak twin tu..
to aba, ibu, am proud to be one of ur 6 d last 1 ahaks!also d last one who DIDNT yet get
but guess wut,still.. both of ya,did grew us up to be a human..that wud be a sumthg dat i cudn't never ever repay it back..i love u ma ,ba..(aaa tak saba nak balik summer ni).

2 days passed,n am with d new cycle, which berkait rapat dgn bones,joints.all dat kind of stuff..kinda interestin'..instead tgk operations,dapat gak tgk examinations..
gorgeous!!..especially when it comes to WOMAN..!! akakakaka lol..mesti korang marah kan.sorryla..gurau jek..kukikukik..ekikiki...

well.. am out of ideas..sudden blank..but fellas,moral for today is.. dun be ashamed with ur family,cuz for both of them is where we come from..hmm? show sum luz to them yaw..!!
jgn derhaka k,nakal takpe macam kite niey..huhhu..

sweet dreamz..doa sblum tido..for u,family,all of muslims in d world ae..

arios..hv a very colorful,wonderful,day..dun forget to bring umbrella eh..mane tau tibe2 ujan..ahaks! papepun,good thgs comes from HIM,kecacatan,keburukan,datg dari hamba yg serba kekurangan ini..


Selasa, 10 Februari 2009

the beauty of a so called woman...ehee..


how about da title..? crazy hurmmm..? ahaks!! nothing bizarre bout it..rite..?
FYI,am in d cycle of obstetric n gynaecology for bout 2 weeks n dis week was d 2nd n d last week,b4 d final exam on make up d story i've been assigned to do practicle wif dis Dr Aleksei Georgevich..for a tak larat,bkn pe,wif lots of question dat shud be review,plus buku nak bc,rase cam nak nanes...ehek!

so today was 1 of d interesting day in my life..its not dat i'm a pervert,AM NOT ockay..dun get me wrong...i just wanna clarify it.. wut will u guys think,or any conclusion or assumption u wanna put on me,dipersilakan..good or bad,just say it.. n i will never ever mind bout it..ockay?

so base on wut happen today n d day before dis,i came up with wit the title there..
before this mase duty kat wad bersalin,dapatla tgk ceasarian section..sian tgk pmpuan nak bersalin..sdey,happy,nak nanes...sume bercampur aduk..hehe..

harinie..dgn dr aleksei, byk plak pesakit yg datg..pmpuan je.maklumla gynecology department la gotta chance to see him doing all the examination,from young women,till la pregnant women..I MEAN BY ALL examination,kene tgk sume la kan..?..u know wut i mean rite?? ehee
so,nothing pervert bout it la kan..its just i'm being professional..  

ark..ark..,actually penat super saiya niey,tapi saje je nak membebl kat blog nie..i guess dats all i wanna bubling bout today..letih duk kat spital.....;(

got to say to man especially..appreciate ur women..they r 1 of d most beautiful thing ever occured in r life..k?

assalamualaikom..u guys gurls have anice day ockay..

Sabtu, 7 Februari 2009

jmpe org mati..

hye to all of ya who r willingly to come to my so called lame blog...ahaks! well guys, gotta say dat i got shocked with my own blog..y? cuz its been a while i didnt update it..the shocking thg is I SAW DEAD BODY! chit!! sape la yg bunuh org,pastu dumpd mayat tu kat sini,kuang asam tul..akakaka..tapi dah remove dah tadi..huish..polis nampak nie confem i mite stay behind bars la gamaknye..spider web tak yah cakap la..spiderman pun ade..hmm..

cukup2..mengarut jek..sorryla cuz i got sick,lappy pun tak sihat,plus exam obstetric n gynecology which just around d corner..byk lagi soklan yg tak d review,mati pokcik got sumthg from  my previous visit to Simferopol..tak byk buat pe pon..duk melepak dgn geng,etc.. 

Yakin ble!! bajet bole bertahan "duduk" utk for 12 hours train..ahaks!

d interior of dtrain..sejok Masyallah..heater di tak idup...berair air mate menahan sejuk!

pagi sampai tu makan la nasik so called "chili chiken rice"..sdap lagi i masak..huh!

nie activity paling besh..raba punggng! ekekeke..pastu kene tendang ngan pokcik kat situ..

5 tahun kt sini,d very 1st time am on d frozen river..AWsome!!!

pi masjid....

..n ade jamuan bkak pose...dis rice called Plov Daging..ehmmm 

1 litel gorgeous gurl..ikot ayh die pi masjid..comelkan..?


main bola bawling..handal siot..10 strike,8 darinye faoul..haram sungguh..i just dun get it,how did i get foul..bengong kan?!!
ade gaye tak..ehem2..

nie la three nickelodeon yg duk sakan  bgambar...
(member in CSMU)
bai,fatin,n tasha..

k la dear readers,today is quite a day for me..gotta go sleep..u i mean all of ya.. have a great weeken ockay..

p/s:for those in which i have debt wt them,for example, tag yg korg beri tu..I'allah saye akan wat dalam mase terdekat..thanxs alot..jaa

Selasa, 6 Januari 2009

bingung ke ..bengong..=p

hmm..dats d question dat i've been keep askin' myself bout da thg happened today..actually today,again..went with my gurl..NIkon D60,n try to fill up d day with my so called hobby,shoot pictures.. So i went to city park or they called it GORSAD..memang scenery arini quite gorgeous..sejok, plus tomorow plak will be the christmass for the orthodox followers kat sini.. so can be say dat it was ae happening atmosphere..keluarkan la cam..bile nak shoot tu,shutter plak tak ley release,guess wut display on d LCD..? no battery..? ehm ehm..nope.. d answer is NO MEMORY CARD..!! super duper SENGAL! pecah gelak kat dri sendri..ekekeke.. mangkok tul. padan muke balik la hostel dgn tgn kosong..huhu..
neway,malam nie nak brtolak pi simferopol..its quite far actually,bayangkan duduk macam dalam bas,tapi rasenye bkn macam dalam bas,tapi duduk,tak tau lagi seat duduk die camne.. mase bli tiket aritu pon auntie kaunter tu dah tanye..*betul kamu nak duduk niey..?? aku cakap ye.. die geleng kepala.. wutever happened I'Allah it wud be great experience i guess..
gotta go guys..pack my thgs..u guys have a nice day aite..! am off for few days.. n dun forget to pray,for our sisters n brothers in paletine whos now in pain..shame on us if we can do at least a pray rite..?
I'Allah together we'll do..assalamualaikom..

see..nampak dekat,tapi jauh gile ODESSA - SIMFEROPOL

Isnin, 5 Januari 2009

hutang tertunggak..

thanx to aianna..for da new year wish card....


pi bli tiket POEZD=ketapi

salam.. today i went out from d cave, i mean my hostel from my dorman state to a active milo kid.. d reason is ,i just got enuf wit d tido thgy, makan thgy,tgk muvie thgy.. litel belaja thg(nak sedapkan ati,padahal malas nak belaja..=p). Along with me is my gurlfren.. Nikon D60. takde awek pon.. just me n my camera.The story sounds like this..I'Allah tomorow probably i will take 14 hours sitting train to Simferopol..,plan nak habis kan cuti melawat geng2 kat sane.. I'Allah.. tiket pun dah bli, RM12.50 equals 25 griven.tiket kul 7.30 malam..bengkok la pinggang pokcik..yela ,nak murah nye pasal,amek tiket duduk..ade je tiket yg berkatil tapi,mahal malas la kot. There's a few snaps i got to show for u guys.. BOKZAL= station keetapi..

station ketapii odessa..

awek jual topup kredit tfon..

train yg aku bakal naek sok..

hmm..tak sempat lagi nak bgtau ibu n aba...I'Allah takde pape kot.. ibu dah pesan jgn g mane sorang2,yet am still a rascal..ahaks!

p/s: cuti2 ukraine..!!! sape2 nak ikot..?