Rabu, 24 Disember 2008

pagi yg indah..=)

marilah kite mulakan hari ini dgn mengucapkan tanda syukur padaNYA atas nikmat masih bernafas,yet masih hidup n dapat melihat dunia yg luas terbentang niey..while waitin' subuh,saja je mengisi mase menulis niey..hmmm plan arini I'Allah..jika diizinkan nye..dapatla saye berpuase sunat arini..semangat uu bgun kul 5..Tapi,tak taula kalu tibe2 je tgh hari nanti menggatal nak makan,jaro pario ke,mc D ke..haissh..hehehe..neway,FYI, kepada yg menunggu nunggu my handsome menu,probably tomorrow la kot bru upload gamba..tak sempat nak upload lg.., cek dah masak dah..habisla terbeliak mate korang nanti..lol. k guys..need to go,subuh dah masuk nie,pastu kene pi skola n hospital.. mulakanla harini dgn keceriaan ye..? senyum byk2 k..takpe,org takkan kate awk gile,dats wut we called sedekah.. Assalamualaikom! arios..!

Selasa, 23 Disember 2008


aa..bile tgk entry semalam..ramai plak yg mengomen..especially gurlz la..hmm, buat pengetahuan, cek nie pandai masak la..ishh tak percaye ke..? please percaye lah.. apepun i will proved it to u guys when i cooked it ockay..? of corse maa..it wud a handsome menu u've ever seen prepared by a so called a MAN.. ahaks! utk itu,aku sudah bersedia..(siapla korang) dgn membeli seekor ayam beku seberat 2.5 kg berharge 54 griven=rm 28 hengget..utk dijadikan mangse experimen bg membuktikan yg LELAKI INI pun bole mengalahkan masakan WANITA HARI INI..
pergh..!!!! poyo tak hengat kan..!? warf!

buktinye:sekor mangse yg tergolek didalam baldi tandas utk dinyah bekukan..

n for today,nothing specific..mornin' went to hospital,cuz class pun kat situ,then went back, masak arini pun rempit je..potong skit bhgian aym tu n then goreng..takyah tunjuk..goreng aym je pon..pastu makan sambal sosej smalam..TAPI..haa..arini, salihin telah makan 2 haiwan ganjil bersama Neslo..cube teke..????


k la guys..gtg,thanx 4 droppin' by to d lamest blog.. need to selak2 buku skit (selak je,bace tidak..wek2) cuz besok cycle Tropial disease,we need to see patient.. plus of course there's questions waiting to be answered.. arini dalam kelas pun dah geger nak jawab.. bukan ape..holiday just around d corner,mggu last nie memang dah macam malas ya rabbi nak belaja..just waitin till this friday finish,n the winter holiday will be started..

p/s:nantikan masakan cek ye! XP

Isnin, 22 Disember 2008

today's menu

like usuall..go to school then went back..hmm..then come to cook food to eat.quite intersting,arini masak lauk mengarut lagi.. sambal sosej. biasela bujang..nak wat camne? sedap taksedap,makan je la..

sambal sosej yg sdikit masam..terlebih asam jawa

lauk sampingan..dry fish..ahaks! masin nye.. home made meh..mesia mali!

bon appetite!!

p/s: reminded me on wut my akak said..
kakak:nak cari isteri,bia pandai masak..t senang..bahagia
aku: wut?...naah..takpe.. orang gajikan ade..agagagagag...=P lawak2...huuu

tag from cik kikiey

01.what is the most important thing in your life?
mom,pop,all my family..friends..moto kapcai honda 70(d one i used to ngurat awek dr form 1 sampai form 5..agagag..syg woo,habis pimp maa!)

02.what is the last thing you bought with your own money?
winter sonata necklace n d star for my ex gurl (mase mude2 lepas spm) d most precious n unforgetable thing..

03.where do you wish to get married?
hmm..in da space...floatin' around..wow..AWESOME!

04.how old do you think you will get permanently owned by your lover?

be specific please..i got lots of people who love me..ahaks! dun wanna talka bout it..

05.are you in love?

uish..am sweatin' rite now..sorry...i dunno..

06.where was the last restaurant you had dinner at?

halal food court at survarnabumi airport...dat when i on my way back here..need to change flight there..

07.name the latest book you bought?

aint nothing..sweter ade la..ahaa.. buku tulis nak wat note..ehiks!

08.what is your full name?

mohd salihin bin. hj selamat..name abah gettin' popular mase raye..kih3x

09.do you prefer mother or father?
mom of course..she's cool when i talk about gurl..muakakaka...

10.name a person that you really wish to meet in your real life for the first time?the first time?
my grandpa's n grandma's..cuz..am so sad..never met any1 of them..except 1 je,atuk sebelah ibu..tu pun mase kecik...

11.christina or britney?

hmm..sorry..not in my list..i wud prefer ,Angelina Jolie..huuuhu..

12.do you do your own laundry?

yup..but now winter..takde air panas,cold water pun kadang2 jek..so..kedai laundry la jawapnye..

13.the most exciting place you want to go?

mecca..really wish to go there..tapi duit takde..

14.hugs or kisses?
both of them please.....!!! =P

15.point out 5 things about the person who tagged you
-indie's angel
-luv indies music
-kinda cute xD
-takde keje.. dats y she tagged me..

16.eight things i'm passionate about

-mom's dishes
-shooting pictures
-ice cream..
-ehem2....GURLZ...hehehee..cuz am a human who desire undevided attention from d opposite sex...rite? =P
-swimmin'..eventhough I CAN't sWim!!!.

17.eight books i have read recently
tropical disease
infectious disease
oxford med dictionary
kamus jururawat
let us b muslim
D60 nikon manual handbook
takde lagi..lame tak beli majalah..am savin' money nak beli ferrari..kui kui kui

18.eight songs i've been listening over and over again
sheryl crow n sting- always on ur side
Travis- closer
sheila on 7- pemuja,alasanku,
Nico touches d wall- broken youth,
Keane- spiralling
Hot hot heat- outta heart
sixth sense- kelam
coldplay- Viva la vida

19.eight things i've learnt this year

1-is it worth being a good guy to those who doin' bad to u..?hmm..takpela,Alhamdulillah..
2-i've made chocolate cake..ehea..jgn jeles..
3-nobody can live alone..
4-belaja sungguh2..jgn main psp bayk..nanti takle score.
5-aa..i've learn o start my own blog..
dats all i guess..

20.persons you tagg
enuf with me je kot...dun wanna make burden to other people..k?

Ahad, 21 Disember 2008

seven pounds..

hoo...how r u guys.. good? great? feel bad?..wutever sort of feelings,hope u guys in a very great conditions..good or bad,there's sumthg good behind it..just patient,dun panic..u'll see it thru, I'Allah. Hmm..well,i've passed d exam...out of five,i got 4...Alhamdulillah.. banyak main..dats y i guess.. lol. when d head of the department give me d mark,she said:

"salihin,wut happened..u cud do better...(nada macam ibu2)

so i just made my "cheese face"...senyum.

she said like dat,becuz she've seen thru all my kehadiran n buku register,plus my rating.. n i probably might get 5 if i answer it well..but,wek2..(malam exam main psp..,bajet dah ble jawab sume)..ooo NO! padan muke..muekeke.. Tapi Alhamdulillah..for mom dad,i've tried my best, syukur, i still didnt let u guys down.. *Oh..b4 i forget,for d record,i'm one of d guy who never made any 'ketidakhadiran'..n i think i shud get anugerah Skot Emulsion..wakakaka..bdak baik.. lol.

rite,for d past fews days i was just relaxing..malas nak tulis blog,malas ni malas tu..maklumla exam dah habis n,winter break just around d corner..2 weeks..!! wut am i gonna do bout it,..?
there's few plans.. but,sume probably..mgkin tak follow.. nak pegi UK,ibu tak kasi permission,alasan: mom's afraid dat i was going to be kidnapped by sum bad guys.. n i probably got lost sumwhere..hehehe..lawak2..but,nak buat camne? takde sponsor..duduk je la kat sini..
second,plannin' nak pi tour ukraine,..nak pi Lviv (beautiful town ), n also Skiing..pun tak follow gak..i just..probably just wanna relax..for usop,lienda n yeop, u guys have fun..ok.

n before i go,i wud like u guys to watch this very 1 kind of a movie "Seven Pounds" ,listen, the beginning,u probably wud'nt catch up,wuts goin on, or u wud say it slow.. BUT,my advise, watch it, attentively..n u'll see d turning point...ockay? u guys have a nice day..

hepi burthday lienda!

hmm..today's is d birthday one of my family member here...LINDA or Nazlinda bte Mohd Nani..congratz gurl..u'r getting older! lol..one thg which kinda cute bout her is ,evry day..she kept writing in our books.."linda 22 tahun 4 bulan.." n d other next occasion," linda 23 tahun 8 bulan.," sort of like dat..but wut can we do,..just go on wit her..cuz we are like family,n she's like our litel sister..its great to have her around plus the other gurl,Irma...cuz they've become penyeri or shall i say,angels of our family..happy birthday..ur big gurl now..n big gurl dun cry..=) .b good..
with luv: odessa's family..

Isnin, 15 Disember 2008

missed sumthg..?

hmm.cant find words. to write the blog..i guess its kinda hard if u feel u want to write sumthg but u really cant say it or write it... its like evrythg in ur brain is smashing into pieces..floating,and suddenly occured a very n utmost fiercing storm u ever seen,wit outloud lightning,very very strong winds....oo..wut a dramatic situation..n dats y probably be d reasons i skipped writing yesterday....*pull urself together salihin..d thgs i always said to myself when i'm in a great,deep shit,or in a great triumph..istighfar (sounds poyo,but,dats wut happened,..for u guys, feel free to say anythg..poyo,showing off,good,or wut so ever,cuz am not gonna give it a DAMN!,cuz i supposed to say wut i'm supposed to..I'allah,i hope when d same thg happened to u guys,good or bad,just remember 1 thg..turn to HIM,there's no other better place except HIM,who never fails u..)

i did remembered yerterday when i watched tain 3t online,1 thg dat he said have made me jumped into my memories which i have always seen it n listened to it..i bet,u guys too..*its firman Allah: its sound like this,*HE will never ever let down those who always hope for HIS's blessings.. and for dat,i thankful to HIM for HIS luv,n evrythg i had in this world..mom,pop,brothers,sisters, anyone n evrythg..evry single one of them..Alhamdulillah..i couldn't ask for more Allah...thank YOU.

today is monday,few more minutes,will change to tuesdays..hmm..2 days more preps for epidemiological cycle examinations..lots n lots of question dat must be review n study to..truely a bit pressure n tension..so i relieved my tension studying by watching "speed racer" movie..i've watched it before,but the gamba is blurred..tapi for today,nice n clear..there's some goodness or shall i say nilai murni dalam cite nie..honestly..i'm touched with it..

1.luckiness..wut wud u think about..? money, girlfrens, cars ..etc?and wut happened in the movie..they said,we are already a luckiest person on earth cuz we got a very great "family"which include,our real family n friends..n dats d truth..think again..,wud cud just happened if we dun have them...dats for u guys to figure out..

2.the love.. am very touched with d love show by speed (name of d hero)'s family,his brother,pop,mom,litel brothers,fren (sparky) n of course gurlfren (trixie..i guess..lupe lakname die..).Alhamdulillah,we got the same too rite..ooo..made me missed all of my family n friends..syukur sangat having u guys around..

3.n most important thg is..protect ur "family"..i mean family and friends..do wut ever possible actions u can to avoid them from any harm..

well,its not a small thing.. wut if u find urself in a position dat u holding people's pride or try to jage hati org? well,to do it..it need more than u got i think..cuz i've been thru it.. people did shouting at u,cursed u,say anythg they wanna at u,think bad,talk bad bout u..but..wut did i do..? two of d most precious person in my life, UTEH n UDE(my 3rd n 2nd kakak..not their real name)they did gave me two brilliant choices..

-one,u shout back at him or her who made u responsible for this n those u told u a bad ass,call their names,n curse'em..n STOP DOIN their "f***ing laundry"...

-another.. as mom always said..*sabala..itu sume rancangan Allah..1 hari nanti,org tau kebenaran...,hmmm typically mom...

n choice dat i've made..,i picked mom's choice n it have been d same thg which i've thought n decided..i walk away..pretending dat nothing happened,pretend dat i'm a really bad ass guy,heartbreaker,or wut so ever,am d 1 who responsible for evrythg...etc..etc... nicely put on urself salihin... in d other side,it really hurts a lot actually..but,wut can u do..for d sake of protecting sumthg u believed important not for u,but for other other people..?

hahahaha lol...wut? i cant hear u.. naah..am not playin' a role as HERO.. nope..dat never occur in my mind..if u still wanna think like dat,its up to u guys..wut am tryin' to say is,Allah itu maha berkuasa.. if its occur to u,I'Allah.. u feel d same too..u tryin' to deny,but it still coming straight to ur face..people sayin' u play HERO..d truth is..just us,ourself who knew it..

huuui..lots of things to study..well i need to stop..my 2nd abg,Andak(also not a real name),gonna kick my ass if i'm not pass this exam..he said he wud tell pop,dat i'm here not for studyin' but playin.. he's kinda d**k but,he's a great son and great brother...when it comes to kuliah from mom,n my sisters,they always said.."sungguhpun die sekolah tak tinggi,die tak pernah tinggi suare kat mak..".this the things i've always remembered...n am very2 careful when it comes to mom..in evrythg...i dun wana see her precious tears run down... And he,who also said n remind me,"pop keje kuat nak skola kan ko,belaja sungguh2..sape lagi nak tolong kuage kite,kalu tak family member sendri..?kan beruk..?!" ,memang kuang aja..panggil aku beruk.., "ko tu yg beruk...oo,taula ibu selalu sebot name andak..eksyen,..andak tu da la,kedekot,tangkai jering,taik idung masin!!".dat moment getting over n over,anywhere,when we together.., and its getting cute when mom n sis,plus pop inside d same car,or d same moment..wargh i missed that moment..

well..i'm off now..but b4 dat ..there's sumthg i need to share wt u guys..

1. jgn tinggal semayang,pray hard
2. have fun
3. do not hurt people
4. do not accept defeat..
5. strive to be happy..

p/s:jgn malas belaja,balaja skit,main banyak takpe....lol.janji belaja kan.. n sempena hari raye korban yg telah berlalu,ambillah ikhtibar,yg mane,dah banyak dah pengorbanan yg org lain dah buat kat kite,its just for us to see it,realized,n be thankful to them..

Sabtu, 13 Disember 2008

Sat ur day..

hmm clock is already showin' 12.15 a.m..n i brulah nak tehegeh hegeh tulis blog..hari yg bz..meniaga SBC(slbotka fried chicken) yg mencecah 35 plates...penat..tapi demi sepoket jajan,ku teruskan jua..also,wut an exhausting day...cuz arinie sejuk macam dalam peti sejok...i didnt manage to calculate how much d temperture is..but i bet its probably -3..as i said..i got class today..
jumpe pesakit..as usual cikge Chaban Ttiana,cikgu kitorg nie akan datgn give direction..mane ward nak pi..ade 5 org je pagi tadi,lain sume tak datg...(akhirnye datg,tapi lambat..)..so menunggu dgn hati membara.."manela cikgu nie..tak datg2"..so,i've decided to look for her at the office..outside the department..
jalan pnye jaln..sampaila kat office..pintu terbukak skit..aku pun slow2 menjengah..ui main ZUMA...!? kantoi2...memang lawak gile..alasan die cakap,"oo saye bru je nak masuk ke class,awk dah datg..bagus2..."hey,ikutkan hati,tangkap cikgu nie,makan hidup2...lawak tul..

evening pulak was fullfillled wt d bussiness ayam,habis kat kul 12 malam gak..semayg2 lepak2..bru la pakse dri tulis blog..

p/s:neway,batery dah habis dah nie..nak pi recharge(tido)..takot tak bgun sbuh lak sok..jgn lupe jg solat..salah 1 tande kite kate kite sayg kat DIE.. ye..? I'allah same2 kite azam..

Jumaat, 12 Disember 2008


sveter n snow cap

takde la hari nie macam kene goreng bcuz of mentari tapi sejuk cam gilew..hari bernmula dgn woke up at 6.57,10 minutes more sebelum habis subuh..then pagi2 lagi masak ikan LOBAn curry..i put all things inside,kentang,lobak,serai (lame dah simpan dlm fridge tu,beku),sos tomato, rempah curry,campur rempah plof..huih,rajin tak rajinla..bukan ape..lapa tahap super.. kelas kul 9.30,awal lagi kan..?so makan2,lepak2 menunggu bas..berdiri dalam bas..(setiap hari lak tu,terpernah dapat duduk cuz pagi memang peak hour kan.?)sampaila kat sekola..jalan lagi nak ke kelas..kan best kalu ble guling2,takyah jaln..(siapla nanti,tak pasal2 dapat title org gile.. lol).
after finish examine patient selame konon nye 2hours..me, yeop,usop went to novi rinak= pasar baru..(sorry tak dapat tnjuk gamba..hp gile,camera lak tak bwk..),there we went to shoppin'2..takde le shoppin' sgt,just tgk bundle..Tavar iz evropa= new trades from europe..so kat rinak nie ade 1 tempat bundle bessar..semua clothes,caps anythgs which are second hand are sold here..duk pusing nye pusing,ade la 1 sweter yg aku minat,plus 1 topi winter..cool gak,apelagi kebas la..sempat gak la menawar ngan kakak cantek tu..yeop pun beli sweter gak,but he gotta pay 50 grvn=25 ringgit ,tapi aku..heheh..ayat nye pasal..

"izvinite,jevushka,skolka etot sveter..?
maafkan saye,cik adek,..berape harge sweter nie..?

"etot sveter 60 grven..
harge die 60 grvn..

"oo..(aku senyum2..sebab b4 nie i've been here n usha d same sweter too..hmm still 60)
mozhna skidka..
bole saye dapat diskaun..?

"pitsat piat grven..(die senyum...)..kharasho pitsat grvn...
55 grven...baiklaah 50 griven..

"izvinite..mozhna sprasith,eisle vi moxhete eta kharasho,eisle ni magu nie chevo..
maafkan saye,bole saye bertanye..ini pun kalu cik bole bagi,kalau tidak,tak mengapa..(aku wat muke chomel2 lol..)

"kharasho..(kakak tu pun senyum2..

besides baju,i bought a winter cap..harge 10,dapat tawar 8..."alasan:kotor nie..kene basuh..bolela 8 griven..".habis membeli belah,trusla ke masjid,utk menemui KEKASIH..hari jumaatkan hari nie..i was supposed to meet Dr. asksana to change my rubber's braces..tapi tak g g,sianla die..dah dua minggu dah janji..next week je la kot..

p/s:sok dah sabtu..ade kels ganti...ganti utk cuti winter yg akan datg nie..means,jumpe patients lagi..harap2 case yg lagi best dari arini..cekgu CHAban elena mitrofanovna tu,memang kurang asam,kate nak datg tgk..tapi hilang tak kemane..memang nak kene makan cekgu "doreamon nie..!

Khamis, 11 Disember 2008

exam arini =

hmm..quite extraordinary..untuk exam epidemiology nie,memang kemalasan ya tuhan..malas nak study..tapi mengenangkan pengorbanan kedua ibu n aba..ku teruskan jua..kah3x (gelak sebenanye nie..) .to make up the story..i got about 50 questions of diseases..n macam biase ade susah ade yg senang.. Alhamdullillah soalan yg senang... Analytical method n also hepatitis c.. kepada cikguku yg dikasihi Chaban Elena Mitrodanovna,i luv u ma'am..thanx alot.. i'm d second last person o answer among all 14 students in my group..

"ma'am,the analytic method of epidemiology is...." aku pun bla2..ape yg ade yg kat kepale n yg dh terbace kat buku,i just said it outloud..

"okay selamat..(die pnggil name aba aku,biasela,kat sini used to call surname..),enough2..next question.."

"hepatitis c is a....(bla2 lagi) "tapi yg bestnye sekejap je.... she said i know bout it.. lol,Alhamdulillah..syukur gak...dapat balik awal.. meronggeng..syukur dapat markah best arini..n pass it..

bout my teacher "Chaban" i'll show ya her pic next time ok.. she cute..cam doremon.. lol.
i gtg now.. penat prep tak abis lg.. tilam dah melambai lambai...

selamat hari raye aidilladha!

selamat hari raye aidiladha,..see like my blog is already full with spider web..lol. actually sebab kinda bz wit exam n others thgs which made thgs complicated..its ok..i guess ,cuz life its self is already a complicated thgs.. so hope u guys beraye ngan best kat m'sia.. yela,m'sia macam2 dapat makn..but for us here,sangatla sedey...mane tak nye,pagi2 raye makan mee rebus..ayam xda,daging xda...lol.daging kurban pun tak dapat... probably diorg mgkin kasi kat those who need it more than we do.let see sum of the picture i took..banyak lg sbenanye,tapi mals nak upload..


suasana di masjid..

mangse korban lol..

p/s:salam raye to all bloggers,n visitors..maf zahir btn.waa!! nak makan rendang ibu!!

Isnin, 1 Disember 2008

menjawab tag..!..lagi..=P

01. What is the relationship of u and him/her?
hmm seriously like crazy...crazy in love son!! sorry..keh3x

02. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
-bole main game...
-bole online..
-pandai kire2
-bole dgr music..
-ble tgk video
-ble tangkap gamba..

03. The most memorable things he/she had done for you???
she's Always with me all nite..sing songs for me..sweet kan..?! lol

04. The most memorable thing he/she have said to you??
good question..sorry,but she never said anythg to me..

05. If he/she become ur lover,you wil...
i loved her already...

06. If he/she become ur enemy,you will..
she'll never be..i'Allah...

07. If he/she become ur lover,he has to improve on...on his or her
she doesnt have to improve..i will improve her...

08. If he/she become ur enemy,the reason is..
oi..! i've told u..she will not..

09. The most desirable things to do on him/her is???
aha..macam dah buat dah...pegang2,cium, pelok2..

10. The overall impressions of him/her is???
oo she's great! totally awesome..

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you..???
can't say much..cuz u'll see different perspective..plus it is very subjektive,depan kite lain ,belakang kite lain..its ok..u'll knw if org tu btul2 ikhlas ngan u kan..takpe..yg penting we shud think good bout other people..

12. The character of u..for urself is?
mom said.."hormat org..tue mude,jgn kire bangse..jgn sombong,cuz bumi nie milik Allah.."

13. On contrary,the character u hate of urself is...
easy to forget..probably too much smoking i guess..?..ooh,mom gonna kill me if she finds out..

14. The most ideal person that u wanna be is..
cool,patient,n person which other people can rely with..n..mmm..tak takot tgk cite hantu..

15. For the people who likes you,say something about them..
3 words.. i love u...!!! thanx...

16. Ten people to TAG..
sorry i'll just give it to 2 org yg tak kene tag ngan aku lagi..muakaka...

1. Aianna
2. Kikiey

oh ..before i forget..let me introduce u..this is "her".. miss Pi aS pi..

p/s: soryla takde idea nak jawab.. hati nak tido jek nie lol..sebab sejok....anytime jek salji ble trun..tapi harapan la..weather cast pon tak leh caye...