Selasa, 6 Januari 2009

bingung ke ..bengong..=p

hmm..dats d question dat i've been keep askin' myself bout da thg happened today..actually today,again..went with my gurl..NIkon D60,n try to fill up d day with my so called hobby,shoot pictures.. So i went to city park or they called it GORSAD..memang scenery arini quite gorgeous..sejok, plus tomorow plak will be the christmass for the orthodox followers kat sini.. so can be say dat it was ae happening atmosphere..keluarkan la cam..bile nak shoot tu,shutter plak tak ley release,guess wut display on d LCD..? no battery..? ehm ehm..nope.. d answer is NO MEMORY CARD..!! super duper SENGAL! pecah gelak kat dri sendri..ekekeke.. mangkok tul. padan muke balik la hostel dgn tgn kosong..huhu..
neway,malam nie nak brtolak pi simferopol..its quite far actually,bayangkan duduk macam dalam bas,tapi rasenye bkn macam dalam bas,tapi duduk,tak tau lagi seat duduk die camne.. mase bli tiket aritu pon auntie kaunter tu dah tanye..*betul kamu nak duduk niey..?? aku cakap ye.. die geleng kepala.. wutever happened I'Allah it wud be great experience i guess..
gotta go guys..pack my thgs..u guys have a nice day aite..! am off for few days.. n dun forget to pray,for our sisters n brothers in paletine whos now in pain..shame on us if we can do at least a pray rite..?
I'Allah together we'll do..assalamualaikom..

see..nampak dekat,tapi jauh gile ODESSA - SIMFEROPOL

Isnin, 5 Januari 2009

hutang tertunggak..

thanx to aianna..for da new year wish card....


pi bli tiket POEZD=ketapi

salam.. today i went out from d cave, i mean my hostel from my dorman state to a active milo kid.. d reason is ,i just got enuf wit d tido thgy, makan thgy,tgk muvie thgy.. litel belaja thg(nak sedapkan ati,padahal malas nak belaja..=p). Along with me is my gurlfren.. Nikon D60. takde awek pon.. just me n my camera.The story sounds like this..I'Allah tomorow probably i will take 14 hours sitting train to Simferopol..,plan nak habis kan cuti melawat geng2 kat sane.. I'Allah.. tiket pun dah bli, RM12.50 equals 25 griven.tiket kul 7.30 malam..bengkok la pinggang pokcik..yela ,nak murah nye pasal,amek tiket duduk..ade je tiket yg berkatil tapi,mahal malas la kot. There's a few snaps i got to show for u guys.. BOKZAL= station keetapi..

station ketapii odessa..

awek jual topup kredit tfon..

train yg aku bakal naek sok..

hmm..tak sempat lagi nak bgtau ibu n aba...I'Allah takde pape kot.. ibu dah pesan jgn g mane sorang2,yet am still a rascal..ahaks!

p/s: cuti2 ukraine..!!! sape2 nak ikot..?

Ahad, 4 Januari 2009

stop the genocide!!

i just wanna take ur times 4 a litel bit seconds to think, to remember, and pray for our friends who are now was in the terrible time..palestinian people.i'm sure u guys already went thru lots of news, articles, even newspapers which told us bout the massacre run by d israeli laknatullah..but are we see any improvement..? nope..they still in pains, being killed, etc.. no offence wit da all articles,news or wut so least they did try sumthg to help them out.. even our country too..for example penubuhan tabung2, piket2, n sebagainye... that's a great job.. be honest..i cant be patient wit wut they did to our brothers n consequences thgs dat they've done,palestinian lost their beloved ones, home destroyed,leave nothing but tears, ashes n Allah..peace upon our brothers n sisters.. 

invasions to palestinian soil..

killing...even a baby! OMG

destrutions they brought...


so am definitely say dat these was a wars, famines n suffering who caused by arrogant people who didnt think!! like animals suitly to say..n am not apologizing or being sorry to say thg like dat..cuz they seems like one.. and i couldnt think more bout the world,in which relevant evidence is infront of their eyes!! what did u people see..??!! are u people bunch of dorks!! fools!! this especially refer to for ex: a secretary of PBB who neglected n rejected a resolution regarding palestinian who being terrorized n invaded..wut proof else do u want..?!! am totally pissed off..
Still wanna believe the israeli..!!? u know wut? The truth of lies  lay evidence on their faces... look at wut they've done!!! such a bloody moron!!

guys..i hope dat we did still have a effort to do sumthg for it..i mean,we jihad as accordingly ockay..?! do as we feel we could affort it.. the most is DOA or pray.. dun forget to pray for them,each n evrytime we finished not hard rite..?its ockay, at least we did sumthg..
YA Allah...they just dun realize ur power which  can destroy them even before a blink..
peace upon our brothers n sisters...

Sabtu, 3 Januari 2009

handsome menu..ahaks!!

bertemu lagi kite harini dgn rancangan yg dinanti nantikan oleh para wanita terutamanye.. yg bertajuk..*Lelaki ini juge mampu mengalahkan Wanita hari ini.. lol.atas kesulitan,juge kelambatan yg diberikan,pihak penerbit,encik gilleco meminta maaf..dikatekan bahawa,beliau pnye workstation telah bermasalah..jatuh sakit dan terpakse dihantar ke kedai utk direpair.. beliau juge dikhabarkan yg beliau tidak berape sihat, disamping serangan asthma, dan kesibukan bermain salji dibelakang hostel..kui kui kui..sekian.

i guess dat was it..memang malas nak update blog tgh2 cuti..kemalasan tahap melampau.. ye la,its holiday rite? how about i make it a hell of a holiday..? tido..makan..dll..rite? neway,nilah masakan yg tak seberapa in which i've promised to upload it to u guys.. masak lemak ayam cili api + sayur campak2.. sedap bukan kepalang..!! rase skit terpengsan...kene darah tinggi.. MAsin! lori garam tumpah dalam periuk..keh keh keh..

tomato yg dah naik harge

susu segar menggantikan santan..


vege..cuz dah lame tak masak sayur..tringin plak..ehee

n d result r....

"firery chili chicken coconut milk"

"throwin' mixed vege"

bon appetite!

p/s:banyak sebenaye nak kongsi..tapi.. keadaan sekarang sangat condusive ntuk tido..salji trun,sejuk lak tu,hmm..lagi 1 mggu xyah g klass n hospital.. ahaks!best! bye guys..