Jumaat, 29 Januari 2010

flymas.mobi as easy as 1 , 2 , 3 !!!

Assalamualaikum and hello guys!!
here is the nEw , EaSiesT , nOn-tiriNg WAY of booking airlines ticket to wherever places dat you wana go...by MaLaysia Airlines.

well,its waste to talk too much, lets watch the video i've created ..!!! enjoy!

Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

fEws reCeNt mEmoRieS..=p

Assalamualaikum n hello fellas...

ehem2..to tell , i would Love to tAke piCtuRes of ME myself..cuz i think ,by doing so we get a chance to 'Capture' or make it sumthg that we could see or touch ,or even sumthg dat make us remember bout the moment.. isnt it?
but... am d one whose gonna take the pictures as usuall...arghh!! but nevertheless ,am proud on things dat i've captured.. is gonna be sumthg precious for me , and for u too i guess (in case u love to shoot pictures like me) ahaks!

here .. r few recents mEmoRies of me...for myself!!! ahahaha~.. but if u guys wanna see it too..well..help urself.. XD

mMm..what ae tAsty swEets.. =p

maLaYsian's suBgroUp oN theRaphy cYcle..

frEe aCts!!

meMoriEs frOm diNner wiF Malaysian Ambassador to Ukraine
aNd his faMily...+ fEw maLaYsiaN stuDents

ehEm2..duN geT me wRong.. B>
she's my beloved pRofeSsor Miss Natalia

Y aM i puTtin' thEse..? well.. am tryin' to have ae break from a very tiring moments.. from school, hoSpitaLs , woRks , stUdies , pEople.. thiNgy..
u should try too.. so have a moments , i mean spend a moments for family , and u urself..ok?

well..take care then..wish ya have great days , moments , times , n wutever it might be..

p/s:memories is an utmost precious things in our life..

Ahad, 10 Januari 2010

mahu berjaya dan sihat ?!!

Assalamualaikum n hello..

saye ade bende terbaru nak share ngan korang sume, its about making money instead keeping up your health in a good condition ,juge sambil2 kamu online.. =)

sume bende nak berjaya mesti kene ade usaha kan?
so tak salah usaha lebih...I'Allah ,kite akan berjaya

just take a free tour here http://www.vemmabuilder.com/23872512

sign up and take a free tour..


TANPA BAYARAN !! free je

bace dan lihat , jika setuju bole sign up k?!

tiada paksaan...

p/s:sambil2 kite online tak salah kite berusaha mencari rezeki
ade pape pertanyaan ,silela email saye k?