Jumaat, 24 April 2009



hallo hallo hallo..kopi kew milow..*a kinda cute line which came from one of my fren....sow.,i've just finished my Surgery exam..guess wut's d result..??? Alhamdulllah..

i've passed!!!!!!!!!!!!! n of course..not wif flying colours..ahaks!!!

tu la..mam always said.."belaja belaja belaja..jgn berfoyer foyer..."
adoooi...ye bu...in belaja...

tapi syukur sgt,cuz i passed..

Y only passed?? not wif flyin colors??-----cuz i didnt well prepared..?lots of thgs happened,i couldnt concentrate..fuh!! jujurnye...

Y u didnt well prepared??-----cuz malas..weh..dah jawabla kat atas tu tadi...nyeheheheee

Y u sgt malas??---------cuz feel like nak balik mesia sangat!!!! 

y u nak balek mesia??------------sebab windu kat ibu abah,family,fwens(4 those yg did remembered me,4 those who not,its ok..),then,hmmm haaa!!!nak sambut bkak pose kat mesia(its been 4 years ma..),dan macam2 lagi..;p

ockay..enuf questionin' urself salihin...

movin' on...now,i've started new cycle..ophthalmology

Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine which deals with the diseases and surgery of the visual pathways, including the eyebrain, and areas surrounding the eye, such as the lacrimal system and eyelids. By convention the term ophthalmologist is more restricted and implies a medically trained surgical specialist. Since ophthalmologists perform operations on eyes, they are generally categorized assurgeons.

sronok belaja...great teachers,got to see patients yg cute2..especiallly dak kecit umur 2-3 years, plus perjalanan yg jauh nak ke hospital, in which pagi2 kene kua,amek bas, dalam bas ble tido atau,main psp,listen to music,just to kill the time,or enjoy watching people's nye reactions in daily life..then last station,turun, n take the tram...sampaila depan hospital...5 days cycle,wif differential test,yg markahnye akan diletakkan didalam report card...hmm memg kene belaja..

sedar tak sedar dah weken kan..? cepat mase berlalu..its great u knw,cuz am dyin' to go back,nak makan macam2..nasik lemak,roti canai,nasik briyani,cendol,ayam tandoori,kuih muih, n macam2..byk sgt.list dah wat dah..t la i write it when i get a chance..hmm?

well gotta go,have a great weken aite..?wish ya d best in evrythg..!! ;p


Isnin, 13 April 2009

gunting rambut sendri...ehehe.XD


hadir nye ku disini,ingin mencoret kisah hidup ku yg ku rase best niey...ahaks! fuh poyo giler ayat.hmm..arini byk keje sebenanye..nak kene tgk soklan nak exam,in which just around d corner..tgk je...tapi kalu tak study tak gune gak kan? next week meh! mati den! lmao.tomorow kene gi hospital in d middle of odessa city lak,kene wat journal for full week..hmm..kene cakap russian..waa!!!,cuz my russian's language already berkarat..kalah karat kat paip bilik air tue..nyehehe..
neway,gotta do wut we have to rite? 

wanna knoe sumthg..? kinda hillarious..n kureng asam skit.. thanx to my classmates.. i will not forget guys..siap aa korang.. the story is.. my hair is getting increasing in length.. so i intend to cut it off,then tibe2,..lots plak mulut2 yg mengutuk my hair... siap kutuk macam WOLVURINE!!
waa.. ini sudah lebey...kureng tul! yela2 wutever makes u guys happy aite?
back at home, i mean just now, i took a bold action to cut my own hair...using the cutting machine.. n i end up looks like keanu reeves ..ahahahaha lmao! pergh bajet.. neway the result is great,kinda kemas la..takde macam wolverine lagi.. hencem meh!!

sow,moral for today,dunnot afraid to try sumthg new.. or do sumthg awesome like me,but.. make sure u study the risk well enuf..cuz u dun wanna end up get urself killed,or look stupid..ehehe..

p/s:kids..plz dun do this at home..cuz this action was done only by highly professional person,which it was me ;p,n plz dunnot escape skwel n dont do drugs!! (ekikiki,takde kene mengene)


Sabtu, 11 April 2009


Assalamualaikum Fellas...

wish  all of ya are on the top of ya condition...hmm..? huh,lame gak dah tak writing nie,feel kekok lak lmao.Hmm..talking bout saturday,am sure all of ya kinda excited, yela kan? saturday la nak kua ngan bf ke gf ke,family,frens,and sort of... its good actually.. cuz for those who get the chance cuti,got to spend time wif their beloved ones aite? n..not forgetting for those yg menjadi TUA jgak..ahaks! yela..i mean pd mereka yg menyambut burfday diorg today.. Hepi burfday! semoge bertambah iman n taqwa,get wut u want in this world ..hmm?

bout me on saturday...its been great.but not as faster as the other day..Alhamdulillah,Cuz i still gotta to see this day,live the life.kelas takde, dun have to go to hospital...hmm.dapt relax kat umah..Today,i've called mam, pap, sis n bro..i missed them so much!! recently,following d things dat happened, its a litel bit sad to tell,but.let us see or think bout it,..i mean by "how do u feel..." if..u lost sumone dat very dear to u... It's must've been hurt..rite..? guess.. dats wut i felt..infact, my family too..we've lost mak long sebelah mam,n paklong sebelah abah..nevertheless,it's Allah's plan,He luv our pak long n maklong more than we luv 'em..  all that we can do is let it go n pray the best for both of them..its been two weeks already,but,still...i dunno wut to say..i missed 'em both.

n nowadays,i've started  to call mam n pap more often..cuz instead dat am missin' both of 'em too much, i  wanna keep 'em company,n I'allah avoiding them to feel  sad..on wut happened.plus,at home sekarang ,there's only two of'em,cuz kakak already took the twins pasal dak kecit dua tu dah nak masuk tadika.so diorg pun balik KL ikut mama diorg...mam  nangis2., abah plak control..buat tak tau..n try to pujuk mam yg sedey sgt tu..hmmm..Alhamdulillah,after few days mam bcame ockay..n she told me,"nak wat camne,akak kau nak amek..biala.."

cud u imagine when u r old like dat sumday....its just two of ya,n anak2 sume dah jauh2..
wut wud u say....is it sound like this..

"its just the two of us now..one day,there's gonna be one of us,n it is  unbearable prospect....n dats y we shud luv each other as hard as we can now..when we still have a chance..."

one way or another,people cant live alone..eventhough maybe u wud think dat, *a man live alone is the king of thoughts..but unfortunately he came to be small when there is a few comforts..rite?

if there's any bad thgs,or sumthg dat uneasy to "digest" happened to us,let us try to take it as one of te test from HIM,cuz He luv us,dats y HE did dat,..n if u still feel hard to take it,wut about u try to focus on small blessings..try to see n notice about it in ur life... It's not for me to tell ya..
but try,U'll see it..n I'Allah u'll appreciate n thankful to HIm... 

well...gotta stop now..but b4 dat,love ur parents ockay..no matter far or near u r to them,just give 'em a call sumtime,show sum luv,say nice thgs,in which will make them happy.. its not hard isnt it?.. 

take care guys..u have a nice weken aite?